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Transitional Living:

Foundation of Hope, Inc. provides In Home Health Care and Outpatient Therapy in the Columbus and Mecklenburg County area from ages 5 and up as well as Transitional Living Services for males, ages 16 to 21 in the Mecklenburg County Area. Our agencies are located in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and Chadbourn, Columbus County. Foundation of Hope, Inc.’s staff consist of professionals who work with youth who are transitioning to adulthood. Our staff provides independent living skills to ensure that individual needs are being met. Individuals will participate in Day Programs, Individual and Group Therapy weekly by a licensed therapist.

In Home Health Care:

Foundation of Hope, Inc. provides service to clients in their place of residence. Foundation of Hope, Inc. is licensed to provide In- Home Aide, Companion, Sitter and Respite services. Our purpose is to provide high standards of quality client care and promote good professional relationships between all clients served and community organizations.

Outpatient Therapy:

Foundation of Hope, Inc., provides outpatient therapy services for grup, individual and family. At Foundation of Hope, Inc. our therapists understand feelings of anxiety, stress and depression which can become a common factor in your day to day living. Our therapists are hear to assist you with understanding that when faced with difficult moments in your life and help find resolutions to your struggles by offering coping mechanisms to help you overcome your challenges.


Our Mission

Foundation of Hope, Inc. is committed to assisting individuals with improving quality of life and increasing their ability to live independently, furthering their educational needs and becoming successful at achieving their short and long term goals as well as living a productive lifestyle in today’s society. Foundation of Hope, Inc. also strives to work with individuals on improving their sobriety by identifying recovery goals and making a plan of action. Foundation of Hope, Inc. will also work with individuals by identifying personal strength and values and developing good self care practices. Foundation of Hope, Inc. pledges to provide our clients with excellent nursing practices by planning, implementing and evaluating their needs without limitations or disabilities. Foundation of Hope, Inc. believes that each client is deserving of compassion, empowerment and support in a safe environment while assisting them with achievement of success and independence.


Steve J

As a graduate of this outstanding Program, I can attest to its success.